Thank You and Happy Holidays!

In the context of the largest resettlement crisis of our generation, this holiday finds almost 50 Neighborhood Support Teams and over 1100 Neighbors from across Massachusetts and New Hampshire welcoming families from Afghanistan. To all of our incredible teams and their generous communities of support, it is a privilege and honor to know you all. To anyone who’s interested in forming a team, JOIN US!

Latest Update

We are currently welcoming evacuated Afghan refugees into New England and are on 24-hour notice to receive!

In response to the arrival of 60,000 Afghan evacuees to the US and the ensuing overload of our resettlement system, WelcomeNST has partnered with Ascentria Care Alliance to meet this need in New England by pioneering an innovative resettlement model, built around the formation of Neighborhood Support Teams (NSTs). Powered by the generosity of our communities, each NST is composed of 20-30 volunteers who welcome one Afghan family into their community. Today, these teams are actively welcoming families to New England! As thousands more families are still stuck on US military bases, we are looking for new Neighborhood Support Teams.

What is a Neighborhood Support Team (NST)?

Each NST is composed of 20-30 volunteers who work together with newly arrived families to address all aspects of the resettlement process--from securing housing and enrolling children in school to assisting in the job search process and supporting enrollment in English language training.

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Take the Next Step

You can volunteer to help resettle Afghan families in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and greater New England as part of an NST, either as a group or individually. Please note this good news! We have been overwhelmed by a tidal wave of generosity and goodwill. We currently have over 500 people engaged in this effort and are adding new NST’s as fast as possible, 20-30 teams at a time. As such, we ask for your patience in this exciting but challenging moment.

The need is urgent and significant.